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Welcome to Waterjet Pumps and Systems.

WATERJET PUMPS & SYSTEMS is a progressive organization, that is engaged in the production and export of diffrent type of high pressure water pumps like High pressure Triplex plunger pumps,Metering Dosing Pumps and Related Accessories.The Organization has all the skills and expertise to manufacture High Pressure Water Pumps and provide special service.

Following are our key expertise in this industries.

Best Design

Our product is engineered by our expert and experienced engineers. we are always researching best design that give maximum perfrmance and satisfaction to our client.

Best Product

We are Leading water pumps provide in india and as our product proves because it is best in industry.


We provide 24x7x365 days excellent service for our product to our client as our relation is not just for business.

Our Assets

We have high skilled staff in our workshop, every unit of production is stricly checked by our trained staff, and good infrastructure and environment for production.

Mr.Wagh is a founder of Waterjet Pumps and Systems, he is a very innovative person and also a great assets to the company.
Our Mission is to concord the faith of customers by providing at par quality and service and we have a vision to insitute the global group of gratified customers through our world class products